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Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Artist: B. Ashra
Titel: The Sound Of LSD / 75 Years LSD
Format: Digital / USB Stick (Video by Trig Fardust + 24bit Audio Version)
Total playtime: 72.26 min
Catalog#: KWDIGI008
Labelcode: 16011
ISRC: DE-HE1-0700431-39
EAN/UPC: 9705053416624

Releasedate: 19.04.2019
Artwork: Trig Fardust
Mastered by Bert Olke: www.gl-audio.de
Style: Ambient, Electronica, Electronic Space Music, Downbeats, Dub Techno, Cosmic Octave

B. Ashra – The Sound Of LSD

01 LSD Pulse 06:25 min.
02 Borderland 10:02
03 Bicycle Day 06:01
04 Horse on Acid 03:30
05 Mutterkorn 08:41
06 Telepath 05:59
07 Delysid 04:42
08 Trip 11:22
09 Awake 15:19



Klangwirkstoff Records present:

B. Ashra – The Sound Of LSD (75 Years LSD) - Audio Release (KWDIGI008)

The multimedia show "The Sound Of LSD" is an LSD molecular dubbing by B. Ashra. Trig Fardust created the visual part. The show was performed live at the festival "75 Years LSD Anniversary" 2018 in Basel. From the audio-visual live performance, this album and a 60-minute video was created. Exactly 1 year later, on 19.04.2019, the Bicycle Day, this setting is now published.


The Sound Of LSD – The Visual Version Trig Fardust (video) / B. Ashra (music)

A specially created audio-visual performance by the video artist Trig Fardust for the anniversary. The live mixed picture journey, accompanied by the music of "The Sound Of LSD", will be available separately on a USB stick. A multi-layered, psychedelic video show that complements the sounds of the molecule in the visible range and is guided by the effects of LSD.

USB Stick preorder please to: order (at) klangwirkstoff.de USB Stick incl. Video by Trig Fardust and exclusiv Album "The Sound Of LSD" ls 24 bit version and cost 29 Euro + shipping.

USB Stick preorder please to: order(at)klangwirkstoff.de USB Stick incl. Video by Trig Fardust and exclusiv Album "The Sound Of LSD" ls 24 bit version and cost 29.90 Euro + shipping.


The physically determined measured values of the LSD spectral analysis are octaved into the rhythm and audible tone range and thus form the basis of the entire musical composition in which all 6 main spectra of the LSD molecule can be heard. The molecular dubbing is based on calculations by Hans Cousto (The Cosmic Octave). 

The infrared spectrum of the LSD molecule contains 6 main spectra:


USB Stick preorder please by email inclusive. your invoice address: order(at)klangwirkstoff.de with subject "video". USB Stick incl. Video by Trig Fardust and exclusiv Album "The Sound Of LSD" ls 24 bit version and cost 29.90 Euro + shipping.

.. or also as download file for 19.90 Euro, please order by email inclusive. your invoice address to: order(at)klangwirkstoff.de

You can find more information about molecular dubbing here:.planetware.de

Link to visuals by Trig Fardust: https://claudesteiner.ch







The Sound of LSD is a journey that moves and grooves in slow motion as it seduces the listener with deep laid back grooves that draws you in and pours over you like a sticky sweet syrup.  The rhythms are hypnotic as they propel the listener on an inward journey exploring the soundscapes put forth by the music juxtaposed with each person’s individual ideas of where the music is leading them. It’s obvious by the quality of the tracks on this album which moves from the gentle and comfortable subtle sequences to the austere and existential forebodings of a song like Telepath the those behind this collection of compositions knew what they were doing. This is an album that many will find interesting and eye opening.

Michael Foster, editor
Ambient Visions 04.2019



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