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KW008 Akasha Project - Solar System (Promomix) by Klangwirkstoff Records



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Akasha Project - Solar System


Format: CD / Digital
Titel: Solar System
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Catalog#: KW008
LC: 16011
Total Playtime: 76.40 min
Releasedate: 12.02.2012
EAN: 4036067312738
Distribution: www.silenzio.de
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Mastered by Bert Olke: mastering@gl-audio.de
Style: Ambient, Electronic Music, Meditation, Cosmic Octave
Booking: booking@klangwirkstoff.de





Akasha Project - Solar System



01. Earth - 136,10 Hz - 08:15 min
02. Moon - 210,42 Hz - 10:45 min
03. Mercury - 141,27 Hz - 12:01 min
04. Venus - 221,23 Hz - 12:04 min
05. Jupiter - 183,58 Hz - 11:06 min
06. Saturn - 47,85 Hz - 15:41 min
07. Pluto - 140,25 Hz - 06:48 min

total playtime: 76:40 min




Two years after the release of his album The Quantum Music of Hydrogen - KW 005 Barnim Schultze /Akasha Project presents his new masterpiece Solar System - KW 008. The planet’s orbits around the sun are acoustically represented by applying Hans Cousto’s cosmic octave system. The Solar System CD contains seven tracks of therapeutic effective electronic ambient music, tuned by harmonic principles, which support deep relaxation.

The tone frequencies of this music were calculated purely mathematically – physically. Those basic tones also known as Urtones by the work from Joachim Ernst Berendt are based on natural science. These are acoustic high potentials of real frequencies. All tone intervals are tuned purely diatonic to present the natural overtone series. All sequences and melodies have its source from the partial tones natural play above the basic tones.

The selection of the basic tones and their sequence result in a powerful acoustic entity and represents the essence of many of Akasha Projects concerts. Alternative Medicine successfully uses harmonic tones in phonophoresis / tone acupuncture for many years.

The effect of theses frequencies can be described as followed:

Earth – Annual tone of the earth - Relaxing, calming, loosening, balancing, anticonvulsant,

Moon- Synodic Moon Tone - Sexual stimulating, regulation of menstrual cycle, general Gland and Lymph system support

Mercury- sun orbit planet Mercury - Supports speech centre and communication intellectual principle

Venus- orbit around the sun - Supports Energy for Love and Harmony

Jupiter- orbit around the sun - Supports creation and constant growth

Saturn- orbit around the sun - Supports concentration and awareness processes

Pluto- orbit around the sun - Supports the magic –group dynamic principles and supposed to be responsible for integration into certain society structures.

The solar system fulfills basic principles like those described in Herman Hesse’s Book: The glass bead game

The law of the octave is the one principle on which the mathematics and music have the same proportion, it's that formula, with which it is possible to combine astronomical and musical formulas and bring astronomy, mathematics and music, and even the colors to one common denominator.

Solar System is spherical music, which makes archetypical frequencies audible. A natural listening experience which invites the senses to perceive the surrounding cosmic reality. A powerful auditory travel through the solar system.

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