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Image Credit: NASA, ESA, N. Smith (University of California, Berkeley), and the Hubble Heritage Team
(STScI/AURA) Release Date: April 24 2007 | Orientation: The Carina Nebula: Star Birth in the Extreme


  KW007 Cosmic Octave Orchestra - Gaiatron/Cassinidrive (Medley 7 min) Original - 68min. by Klangwirkstoff Records   

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Cosmic Octave Orchestra - Gaiatron live at Ricochet Gathering



Format: CD
Titel: Gaiatron live at Ricochet Gathering
Label: Klangwirkstoff Records
Katalog#: KW007
LC: 16011
Gesamtspielzeit: 68.00 min
Releasedate: 17.10.2011
EAN: 4 036067 311717
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Vertrieb: www.silenzio.de
Booking: booking@klangwirkstoff.de
Mastered by Bert Olke: mastering@gl-audio.de

Cosmic Octave Orchestra are: Steve Schroyder, Akasha Project und B. Ashra


Darkroom Magazine Italy 12 - 2011: ... Nel complesso una release notevole, sicuramente una delle più accessibili tra quelle prodotte dall'etichetta tedesca, ma non per questo banale o prevedibile. Indicato anche a chi ama progetti più recenti in vario modo connessi a questa scena (vedi ad esempio i Runes Order).





Cosmic Octave Orchestra - Gaiatron live at Ricochet Gathering


01. Gaiatron (Tropical Year/Om | Cis | 136,10 Hz | 127,6 bpm | -31,38 cent) - 29:58 min
02. Cassinidrive (Saturn | D | 147,85 Hz | 138,6 bpm | +11,9 cent) - 37:58 min

total: 68:00 min


The album Gaiatron - a rare gem of cosmically tuned electronic music - contains the complete concert recordings of Cosmic Octave Orchestra, as performed as part of the "Ricochet Gathering - Electronic Music Festival" at Berlin Schöneberg Townhall on October 10th, 2010.

The Cosmic Octave Orchestra consists of:

Steve Schroyder (Ex Tangerine Dream, Anne Clark Band, SSO)
Akasha Project and
B. Ashra (Robert Templa, B.E.L., Morphon)





Three knowledgeable adepts and practitioners of cosmically tuned electronic music who have joined for this unique show at Ricochet Gathering 2010.

Like the live performance the CD Gaiatron contains two epic electronic soundscapes in the spirit of the Berlin School of electronic music.
Both, Gaiatron, the title track and the second piece Cassinidrive are tuned to the mathematical principles of the Cosmic Octave according to musicologist Hans Cousto.

Gaiatron utilises the octave-analogue frequencies and tempi of the Earth's planetary year, its orbit around the sun. The COO was supported by the overtone canto of AlienVoices, Kolja Simon and Felix Mönnich.

Cassinidrive is tuned to the octave-analogue tone of the planet Saturn's solar orbit. Two deep, precise sound journeys of truly cosmic music.

This Klangwirkstoff Records release is now offering the concert's special listening experience to a larger audience.

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Tokafi 08.11.2011:

Certainly, already the opening title track, a half-hour long wormhole through swelling and ebbing bass drones, distant echoes of rhythmical pulses, otherworldly harmonics and moments of intense harmonic beauty, requires the full attention of its three captains to arrive at the right balance between restraint and active participation. And yet, the piece is merely a prelude of sorts for thirty-eight minute „Cassinidrive“, a stellar realisation of a single, uninterrupted stream of thought. From a murky opening sections – a romantic sunrise in the outer nebulae, perhaps – the Leitmotif of the composition emerges in the lower registers of the strings, gradually winding its way up towards the higher frequencies and morphing into a gently chiming sequencer line accompanied by airy shaker loops. At around the ten-minute-mark, it appears to have reached exhaustion point, but the musicians know better, shooting it through a four to the floor trance beat and a multitude delirious sound effects. Locked into this mesmerising groove, one doesn't want this machine to stop – and it thankfully never does, running for what seems a heavenly eternity on the strength of nothing but delicate variations and mesmerising melodic counterpoints. It is a piece which would probably have seemed out of date in 1980, but takes on an almost futuristic quality today: With its psychedelic depth and borderless freedom, Gaiatron is a grandiose backflash to a long forgotten era and the ideal of music as a vessel for space travel.

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review in german: ... Kulturterrorismus



Cosmic Octave Orchestra – Gaiatron: Live At Ricochet Gathering Berlin (2011)

The Cosmic Octave Orchestra is a temporary trio that got together on the occasion of the "Ricochet Gathering" festival in Berlin-Schöneberg on October 10, 2010, ie on 10-10-10. Two confidants from the lamentation agent cosmos were involved, namely Olke and Schultze, this time combined with Steve Schroyder alias Wolfgang Schroeder, who once started his cosmic journeys at Tangerine Dream. He also brought the AlienVoices with him, which enriched the concert with overtone and larynx singing.

Live generated electronics have the advantage of being able to work with loops generated directly on site, which the listener does not necessarily recognize as such, but which are an orientation aid for the musicians. The orchestra of three people stacked its effects on a recurring track of wave-like synth sounds. And takes all the time in the world. Little by little the musicians start their samples, let them circle around each other, fly with each other, build on each other. This almost creates melodies, which, however, extend as much into infinity as the universe on which this set is thematically based. Harmonies can be identified in any case, and that is not the only thing that is the art of the three cosmonauts. Olke, Schultze and Schroyder carefully fill the room, layering sound after sound, spheres, falling stars and spiral nebulae, and thus creating the half-hour "Gaiatron".

"Cassinidrive" is what they call the second set, which lasts almost 40 minutes. It starts with the first, but is more courageous in the sounds that the three inventors bring in: glockenspiel, choir samples, spinet, shaker, didgeridoo, what the sample databases reveal and what the ear is inclined to hear. This piece has more impact and a clearly defined rhythm, you can even dance to it, even if the hard dance floor beats are missing. There is so much more energy in here than the trio had to warm to each other in the first take. The pace is surprisingly high and the pull of this track is immense.

After about halfway, the musicians allow themselves and the listeners a break, screw down the effect park, go back to the empty cosmos, let their synths twitter and create surfaces, completely relaxed and reduced. Just to take a breath, return to the starting position and then finally breathe out into infinity. Exciting!

Matthias von Bosenick for Kraut Nick Magazin 02-2021(only in german)






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