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Brain Entertainment Laboratory - Live in Wien

Brain Entertainment Laboratory

The four musicians Akasha Project, B. Ashra, Tomelon and Eru (aka Ricky Deadking) have been exploring together the frequencies and rhythms in the natural phenomenon of vibrations and with their music are testing the physiological and psychological effects.

Data resulting from spectral analysis of astronomical rotation and orbital circulation is transported to human perception of sound via the octave formula. These calculated frequencies and their rapidity (bpm) are being translated by the musicians into meditative and rhythmic acoustic sounds using electronic sound production and electric guitar.

On another level this created 'Klangwirkstoff' functions as a sort of map. Like a city map it allows orientation in what appears to be a maze. A sense of orientation can be marked on the map of listening to the harmonical concert pitch or 'Urtöne' (Behrend).

Archaic models of memory and relating the self to the universe are triggered in the experience of listening.
These sounds and rhythms become a sensuous experience.

BEL live in concert is contemporary sound-shamanism or digital alchemy.





Brain Entertainment Laboratory - In Ovo -- CD-Cover
listen to :: B. E. L. - In Ovo


  1. in ovo   09:57 min.
  2. green pancake   12:45
  3. transmutation   12:15
  4. swarm   06:59
  5. talkativeness   11:15


After the first CD/LP Release of Brain Entertainment Laboratory "The Sound of THC", which was the world's first cd/vinyl release of a scientific calculated thc-scoring, now B.E.L. comes with their second release:

Brain Entertainment Laboratory - In Ovo -
live at Fusion Festival 2005

The basic principles of this musical scoring bases upon Hans Coustos calculations, who found the octave-analogue frequencies related to the 6 mainspectra (main resonances) of the THC Delta 9 molecule.

The spectral analysis is the admitted scientific method to classify molecules and to calculate their resonances. This active agent of sound (Klangwirkstoff) is a homeopathic-acting media.

As usual B.E.L. transfer this calculations into a Live-Ambient-Dub session going from electronic to bizarre.

With that first Online Release the Label Klangwirkstoff from Berlin showcase themself.

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B.E.L. - The Sound of THC -- CD-Cover

Molecular tuning based on calculations of the 'cosmic octave ' by HANS COUSTO

The album 'B.E.L. The Sound of THC' was released on November 12, 2001

Label: Insolation Chilling IZ31106 / INSOLCHILL 001
Vertrieb: NOVAmd: CD 93311-23

CD - Album and 3 Track Vinyl

Tracklist (CD):

  1. Wenn Sie rauchen...
  2. Mighty Plant
  3. Melting
  4. Stoned Dub
  5. Floating
  6. Green Growing
  7. Kunda-Ki
  8. Let It Rain
  9. Teatime
  10. S. Mo. Kings Dream
  11. Abu Nowa
  12. Spectralizer
  13. Japa Field Tracks

(Vinyl 12"):

A: The Sound Of THC (Free Floating Mix)
B: Abu Nowa
B2: Japa Field

The Sound of THC
Hans Cousto has based the sound of THC on the exact calculations and is a conceptual recording tuned to the spectral maxima of the Delta 9 THC molecule. They are homeopathic essences of frequencies, which are supposed to release the known psychotropic effect of THC through the sense of hearing. This is the sound and rhythm of pure vibrations of the cannabis plant itself, integrated into a sound collage, which is created with ambient, dub and spherical guitar playing. A very different Klangwirkstoff, which invites the listener to an invigorating journey of self-discovery.

The sound of THC is a soundtrack for the ambitious smoker and with conscious use can become therapeutic in its effect on body and mind.

Hans Cousto about
The Sound of THC :

'At present, hemp is enjoying a veritable renaissance. Not only do more and more people simply take pleasure in the beauty of its blossom; there is also an increasing number of people appreciating the psychoactive effect of the substances included. Whether used as fine seasoning in biscuits, as excellent addition to tea or plainly in the form of tobacco - the hemp plant and its extracts have found their way back into the cultural life of the western world. Yet not only concerning the realm of culture, but of medicine as well, hemp has regained its proper place within the consciousness of many people. In self-medication, hemp extracts are used as appetite stimulant or pain reliever by critically ill patients. The analgesic effect of 20 mg of THC, the main active substance of hemp's blossom, is at least as strong as that of 120 mg of Codeine, a well-known pain killer from the class of opiates, and will even last longer.

The effect of THC, seen in the field of sound, is a remedy working homeopathically. Its dispensing is based upon the molecular oscillations of the THC molecule and on the octave law. In contrast to conventional homeopathic preparations - which are shaken in decimals according to the tradition of the founder of homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843) -, here the basic principle of square power is applied: doubling of frequency equals the forming of an octave. Listening to this music may therefore, similar to taking a homeopathic drug, have a real therapeutical effect. '

Hans Cousto